Chocolate  & coconut  spread


150 gr.  Dark chocolate
100n gr. Butter
50 gr. Coconut puree
300 gr. Concentrate of sugary milk with vanilla flavor
1 pinch of salt



Coconut spread:


To get the flesh of the coconut I use my “Magic Bullet”, if you don’t have one use any other automatic chopper, if you don’t posses any  Peel the flesh finely  with a knife.



Mix 50gr, of coconut flesh in a bowl with the flat blade of the mixer until obtaining a liquid puree. don’t forget to mix all the flesh because it tends to stick to the bowl.  It takes about 2 min.


P.S. I use this puree for cakes icing as well, just incorporate it to the icing, is delicious believe me!!


Melt the butter in the microwave for 30 sec. Then add the coconut. Put the chocolate into it  and put it again to the microwave for 1 min 850w-900w. and mix it with a whisk.

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Take 300gr. Of concentrate milk and mix it with the preparation of coconut with the pinch of salt.
Put it is a jar that you had previously boiled during 5 minutes into salty water ( this is for the sterilization).
Now the paste is ready to try but I Advise you to wait for it to be cooled down and put it to the fridge for a couple of hours.

Translated by: Sandra

Enjoy !!!